Conference GSI 5th conference on Geometric Science of Information

 The final program and schedule for the conference GSI 5th Conference on Geometric Science of Information is now available. The Conference takes place in Paris, Sorbonne University in July.

I will chair the session "Manifolds and optimization" with Bin Gao (UCLouvain)

Don't miss the talks of the Keynote Speakers :

  • Yvette Kosmann-Schwarzbach on Structures of Poisson Geometry: old and new
  • Max Welling on Exploring Quantum Statistics for Machine Learning
  • Michel Broniatowski on Some insights on statistical divergences and choice of models
  • Maurice de Gosson on Gaussian states from a symplectic geometry point of view
  • Jean Petitot on The primary visual cortex as a Cartan engine
  • Giuseppe Longo on Use and abuse of "digital information" in life sciences, is Geometry of Information a way out?

Abstracts of GSI'21 keynote speakers are available here:

Information on GSI'21 registration:

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